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Business English 

Business English is especially aimed at business professionals and the jobs you are working in or aspiring to do. The Business English course will improve all four language skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking. The courses include a whole excursion day with a teacher, so you can utilise what you’ve learnt. You will gain confidence in using the language naturally, without thinking about, what to say. Whatever challenges you face you can learn the phrases, slang and small talk used in every day communication, when dealing with clients and co-workers. Read course information

Dates and Lesson-plan for two-week workshops:

Monday 20.08.2018 to Friday 31.08.2018; Monday 17.09.2018 to Friday 28.09.2018; Monday 15.10.2018 to Friday 02.11.2018;


Dates and Lesson-plan for one-week workshops:

Monday 20.08.2018 to Friday 24.08.2018; Monday 17.09.2018 to Friday 21.09.2018; Monday 15.10.2018 to Friday 19.10.2018; Monday 12.12.2018 to Friday 16.12.2018;


Dates for half day workshops:

Monday 13.08.2018; Monday 17.09.2018; Monday 15.10.2018; Monday 12.11.2018; Monday 17.12.2018; Monday 21.01.2019; Monday 18.02.2019;


Two weeks workshop (BE):       £1,295

One week workshop (BE):            £695

Half day workshop   (BE):             £92

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We take group bookings from companies and individuals and classes can be offered on a One-to-One basis. Learning as part of a group can be valuable to all delegates to grow as a team, understand and help each other, and break down language and social barriers at the work place. Frequently asked questions FAQ

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