One-to-One tuition

One-to-One tuition

Depending on your needs, One-to-One tuition is sometimes best. It can create a more intensive and personal speedy learning curve.

You can book your lessons now and arrange later, when you want them! You can also combine One-to-One tuition with excursions accompanied by a teacher.

We offer two different types of tuition and four different price packages.


One-to-One on-line tuition via Skype

£140 for four lessons (£35 per lesson)

£260 for eight lessons (£32,50 per lesson)

£360 for 12 lessons (£30 per lesson)

£440 for 16 lessons (£28,50 per lesson)

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One-to-One tuition off-site

£240 for four lessons (£60 per lesson)

£460 for eight lessons (£57,50 per lesson)

£660 for 12 lessons (£55 per lesson)

£840 for 16 lessons (£52,50 per lesson)

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Book an excursion teacher 

£90 for a half day excursion (four hours)

£165 for a whole day excursion (seven hours)

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