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Language and Cultural Assimilation

Language and Cultural Assimilation

Moving to a new country is never an easy feat. If you are new to the UK, and you have begun thinking about taking the ‘Life in the UK’ test for your citizenship, then it’s important that you learn about the country’s past and present, its culture, and learn more of the language in the process.

How Learning the Language Can Help you Feel Integrated

As a newcomer to the UK, it may sometimes feel like you’re left out of the country’s social, political, and economic activities, and that you’re just more alone. While you have community with people who speak your native language and who are from your country, you may feel disconnected from the country as a whole. That is why learning more English and preparing for your citizenship exam are important steps to taking on a more active role in your life in the UK.

If your Mother Tongue is Different from English

You are likely to find it very difficult to master the language and to gain access to better jobs and education opportunities if your native language is dissimilar to English. That is because, although you know your native language well and can read and write in it, English is just too dissimilar. It doesn’t sound like your own language, and it is just completely foreign to you. This is according to an article in The Atlantic about a study done on the effect of linguistic distance and how much people are able to take part in life in their new countries.

Better Prospects

To improve your opportunities in the UK, it is important to learn as much as possible about the United Kingdom, its people, history, language, culture, and more. No one is suggesting that you should give up who you are, where you’re from, your language, your culture. Instead, learning more about the country and the language of English can simply add positivity to your experience of living in the UK. It doesn’t change who you are. Knowledge of another language and culture merely adds some extra spice. It also makes it simpler for you to get where you want to be in this country.

Interested in learning English as a foreign language?

Our English tuition course designed for students like you, who are studying for their “Life in the UK” exam is perfect to give you some more background on the country and will help you improve your language skills as well. It takes place in a fun environment, and you’ll learn plenty while you laugh and gain knowledge about your new country. In two days, you’ll learn some English history and how it has shaped the UK as it is today. This can give you a better perspective on why life is the way it is here. We’ll answer your cultural questions and provide as much insight into life here as we can into two days. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your language skills and to actively improve your ability to make the most of your life in the UK by joining us for this course.

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