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One-to-One tuition

One-to-One tuition

For more intensive and speedy learning, choose One-to-One tuition


One-to-One tuition times can be booked to suit your schedule. You may be a business, sports or medical professional, who would like to learn specific areas of the language – writing better memos, pronunciation, conversation, common phrases, short-forms or the specialist language within your field of expertise. You may be an already published author, who wants to write your own books in English and use private tuition to help you with this project. IYE International offer English tuition to all levels in two different types of tuition and three different price packages.


Private tuition

Prices for One-to-One tuition

We offer both online and face-to-face tuition, depending on which option suits you the best

Online private tuition

Do you want to learn remotely, or are you unable to travel? Then receive private English tuition via Skype or FaceTime. It is simple and easy, we arrange the times and days in advance when booking, and you can learn English from the comfort of your home.

  • £350 for ten lessons (£35 per lesson)
  • £650 for 20 lessons (£32,50 per lesson)
  • £3000 for 100 lessons (£30 per lesson)

Face-to-face private tuition

We book the space, you just turn up ready to learn.

  • £600 for ten lessons (£60 per lesson)*
  • £1100 for 20 lessons (£55 per lesson)*
  • £5000 for 100 lessons (£50 per lesson)*

*Times and days are agreed in advance when booking.

Excursion tuition

Why not see the sights while you learn?


Why not combine One-to-One tuition with excursions accompanied by an English language teacher? Learn while you experience and sightsee in the South of England. There are many historical towns in the area, and we are only an hour from London, so you have many options to learn on the go.

Our prices are divided into half and full day excursions:

  • £125 for a half day excursion (four hours)
  • £195 for a whole day excursion (seven hours)


Read more about excursion options here






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