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English for Footballers

English for Football players and Coaches

Our specialist English language courses for football players, are tailored to meet the needs of players, who want to enhance their current level of English. During the course, we will cover the language needed for training sessions and on the field to help you to feel more confident, when speaking with coaches, players and friends. Maybe you have just moved to England, and you want to improve your listening and speaking skills, or you want to be able to understand what is being said around you. We are situated in Brighton, which is home to the Brighton & Hove Albion Premier League Football Club, so you may meet with players you already know or watch games at the Amex Football Stadium.



English for Footballers Course details:

The course covers football expressions, vocabulary, slang, common phrases and grammar points, and we will also practise listening and conversation. You can book the four day courses throughout the year and whilst maintaining your sports exercise programme you will at the same time ‘innercise’ and develop the English language for a steady progress.

The courses take place at the Hilton Hotel in Brighton from Monday (day of arrival) to Thursday (day of departure) and the price include hotel stay, use of the gym, water and learning material. You will have two intensive English lessons a day with a total of eight lessons.

Our team:

All our staff are all qualified English as a foreign language teachers, and have either  TEFL, CELTA, DELTA, DIPLOMA or CPD accreditation. They each have over 10 years of teaching experience, and have experience with teaching English to professional football players, so they have hands-on knowledge of what is important for you to learn. You can read more about the team by clicking the purple button below.

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We can tailor the course to suit you, and take bookings from companies, clubs and individuals. Learning as part of a group can be valuable to all delegates to grow as a team, to understand and help each other to break down language and social barriers between people from around the world. Prices for four day workshops inclusive of hotel room and eight lessons:

  • With single person occupation £965 per person
  • For two people sharing a twin room £795 per person

Prices are based on six people or more in a group and can start any week of your choice subject to availability.

Many players get a real breakthrough after 60 to 100 lessons.

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