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English History and Culture Course

English History and Culture Course

A course for those who are about to take the Life in the UK test

Are you training for UK Citizenship?

If you are, then this course might be for you. We have collaborated with historian Kevin Newman, a Life In The UK (LITUK) tutor, examiner and author of a range of history books, to create this ‘Living in the UK’ course. The course has been created to help you prepare for your Life in the UK test. In it you will gain new insights into English History, and learn about English Culture, about life in the UK. An inspiring two-day workshop in Brighton, which we have built up to help you to pass the test. The workshop will go through how best to tackle the questions in the test.


What does it cost?:

Two days’ workshop                       £365 per person

We take group bookings from companies and individuals and the course is also offered as part of a One-to-One course. Learning as part of a group can be valuable to all delegates to grow as a team, to understand and help each other to break down language and social barriers at the work place.

Courses run from 9 am to 5 pm and each day finishes with a visit to a ‘traditional old English pub’ where you are tested in teams in the style of a ‘pub quiz’!

Course information:

  • Early Britain, the Middle Ages – Parliament; Wars of the Roses, Britain as a global power, constitutional monarchy & the Bill of Rights, Prime Ministers, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, Trade and Empire.  The slave trade, War of Independence, war with France and Union, The Victorian Age
  • The Twentieth Century WWI, Ireland, 1920s-30s and WWII, Social Change in the 1960s – British inventions, problems in the 1970s – Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, Labour Government 1997-2010, conflicts in Afghanistan & Iraq – the Coalition Government 2010-2015
  • Values & principles of the UK, The UK as a modern thriving society, currency and traditions
  • Languages, dialects and population, religions, main religious festivals, arts and culture, architecture, leisure, national flowers, shopping, food and cooking
  • Your role in the UK as a citizen: The Civil service & Local Government, the media, the electoral register, visiting Parliament, the UK’s & International Institutions, the Commonwealth, EU, UN and NATO
  • Respecting the law: UK law; the police & their duties; terrorism and extremism

In short everything you want to know to enhance the joy of living in the UK.


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