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I have progressed a lot in English thanks to your courses. I’ll miss you. Professional footballer Julien Carre

I learned a lot from working with you IYE International. Professional footballer Lorent Tolaj

I am very happy with my English lessons with Susy. I feel my self-esteem is much better since the lessons began about four month ago. Professional footballer Mamadou Kone

Language coaching and tuition from IYE International, Sussi Lassen has made and important impact on my ability to communicate in English. Now I feel much more confident. I am very satisfied and warmly recommend the experience. German professional Tennis Coach Sina Hundertmark

English lessons with IYE International – Sussi are varied. I learn vocabulary for everyday life and for my work, the football vocabulary. Sussi varies the exercises and she is at my listening when I have questions. I’m happy with my progress, Sussi teaches me English grammar and it helps me a lot to be able to communicate properly. French Football Coach in Premier League Club, Khamis Rokia.


I met Sussi on a trip to London.

I’m a Danish author and I told her that my dream was to translate my own books into English. Therefore I took an English grammar test and spoke with her about, where my focus should be. My homework was the first chapter in my first book: “Sarah’s guardian Angel.”

Sussi gave me a lot of tools, so I could continue my work and I’m now closer to my goal, after the lessons with Sussi.

If you need to learn English or improve your English language skills, I would highly recommend Sussi and IYE International. Tanja Lønberg Rasmussen, already published Danish Author.


‘Very satisfied with my English tuition’, Sara Koukalova Accountant

‘I like the exercises and I have learnt so much. I was also very satisfied with the standard of teaching at Improve Your English International.’ Luis professional footballer

‘I am really happy with the lessons because everyday, you learn different things that are useful in my career as a footballer.’ Robert Lynch Sanchez professional footballer

Improve Your English International taught me some very useful colloquial language that really helped me when training to become a commercial pilot. A. Lementier

If you wish to improve your English with a teacher, who knows what it’s like to learn English out of own experience, Improve Your English is the right school for you. IYE International knows where the difficulties for non-natives are and they teach you “natural” English. They adapt the teaching material to the student’s needs, so you will learn language that is relevant to your learning. Malena graduate

When I arrived, I didn’t know that I was able to learn so much in English, but as time passed by I realised how able I was. That made me very satisfied and it was because you were very patient and understanding with me. Thanks for your tuition. Elen

‘I gained great confidence in conversation and I now write better English’. Victor teacher

‘I have learnt so much from the thoughtful 1-2-1 tuition delivered with passion and precision. Michael

“Sussi has a passion for her work which shows in her care and strategy for her students. She only wants the best for her clients and achieves good results because of her high standards and integrity.”Annie McRae, Owner, Nutrition 4 Good

I came to England to develop my conversation skills and really enjoyed the three weeks with IYE International. We just learnt so much from Chris and I am now very confident when speaking English in my Home-Country.  K. Jensen

I came to IYE International to learn English – so I could participate in world-conferences for doctors. I had 100-lesson over four weeks; I learnt a lot and gained sufficient confidence in using the English language. I can now have a conversation in English, read a newspaper and can fully recommend spending a holiday in Brighton learning the language. I enjoyed the enthusiasm of my teachers and look forward to sending my children for classes.  Gianluca medical Doctor

Sussi offers good language tuition and business professional lessons with a good style of learning. Federico marketing professional

Thank you very much for looking after our group so well. Owing to your professionalism and great lessons and excursions we have enjoyed ourselves very much in the past three weeks. Suqin University lecturer Sanghi